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PIA NRCS Gibson Santos, Rodasio Samuel, and Director Angel Figueroa at Early Childhood Education center observing raised bed demonstration site.

Information For Homeowners

We work with homeowners, business people, and local governments to prevent soil erosion, keep water clean and plentiful, create and preserve green spaces, and reduce the impacts of floods. And when communities and individuals need to meet State and local requirements for natural resources quality and management, we have the knowledge and experience to help them, as well.

Pacific Islands Area Resources:


  • Backyard Conservation
  • Composting in the Yard
  • Escape into Your Own Backyard of Tranquility
  • Information for Homeowners, Urban and Suburban Land Users
  • National Conservation Effort Focuses on Backyards
  • What's at Home in Your Backyard?
  • Last Modified 12/04/2012