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Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers who engage in the business of growing, raising, or producing a variety of food, fiber, and energy products in Pennsylvania also provide beneficial environmental services by being good stewards of the Nation’s soil, water, air and related natural resources on private working lands.

NRCS helps farm operators and farm and forest land owners by providing conservation technical and financial assistance. Technical assistance includes help with planning conservation systems and implementing them. Planning assistance begins with providing an understanding of the landscape, continues with developing and selecting solutions for meeting conservation objectives that protect and or improve natural resources, planning conservation practices that fit your farm operation, and ends with evaluating the effectiveness of your conservation system. Technical implementation assistance provides help with implementing your conservation plan; that is site specific planning, designing, installing, inspecting and monitoring of each conservation practice. Financial assistance may also be available to assist with implementing high priority conservation practices where needed. Contact your local USDA Service Center NRCS office employees or its partners at the Conservation Districts to request assistance.

More information about conservation technical and financial assistance from Pennsylvania NRCS can be found at the other pages on our website described below.

What USDA assistance is available

Click on the titles below to see what assistance is available for:

Sustainable Agriculture (PDF, 1.2KB)
Fruit and Vegetable Growers (PDF, 1.7KB)
Transitioning to a No-Till System (PDF, 3.2KB)
Equine Operations (PDF, 108KB)
Chesapeake Bay Watershed (PDF, 3.7KB)
Minority Farmers (PDF, 140KB)
New and Beginning Farmers (PDF, 196KB)
Organic Agriculture (PDF, 1.5KB)

How to Get Conservation Help from Pennsylvania NRCS

Conservation Planning Technical Assistance
Conservation Financial Help from Pennsylvania NRCS 

Conservation Help from Pennsylvania NRCS partners

Other Sources of Information

Organizations in the Northeast that target services to beginning farmers