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Information For Homeowners

Simple Conservation Practices For Your Backyard

Backyard Conservation Cover showing a bird sitting on a branch

You�ll feel good about the environment when you follow the  tradition of America�s farmers and start practicing conservation right in your own backyard. Most backyard conservation practices are simple to achieve, yet they provide long-lasting rewards for your family and for nature.

It doesn�t matter if your yard is measured in acres, feet or flower pots. You can become a backyard conservationist today.

An entire series of Conservation Practices for Your Backyard

Home and Garden Tips to keep you conservation-conscious around your home.

Buying Locally Grown Food

veggies and Local Hero logoThe Natural Resources Conservation Service is proud to support "Buy Local" campaigns across the commonwealth and join consumers in sustaining their neighboring farmers. Sustainability involves more than producing food and earning an income. Farmers are also using and caring for the soil, water and related resources on the farm while producing healthy food to feed their neighbors.

For example, consumers in Franklin and Hampshire counties are now very familiar with the "Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown" advertising campaign. Similar campaigns have sprouted in Berkshire County, Essex County, central Massachusetts and southeastern Massachusetts. These campaigns create a consumer demand for local farm products and improve the small farm economy.

We salute the farmers of Massachusetts for their conservation work ethic so that our agricultural land is used wisely today, and maintained in a healthy and productive state so future generations of local farmers can continue to grow fresh food for their neighbors.

Buy Local Initiatives