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NRCS Employee Help Desk

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NRCS Employees

NRCS Employees 2018 - information for employees

Supporting NRCS Employees - Help Desk Tools

NRCS employees have access to two separate ServiceNow gateways. To ensure your concern is addressed to the correct staff, please use the appropriate gateway, as each has different options.

If you need assistance with NRCS-specific applications, please request help using NRCS’s ServiceNow gateway and select “Report an Issue” to open a new ticket.

For support from the FPAC Business Center, please visit the myFPAC Services gateway and open a ticket by selecting the appropriate division from the “Our Departments” pulldown list.

Employee Services Available on myFPAC

A good resource to check regularly is the Employee Reminders page on myFPAC. New items for employees, training requirements, pay and holiday guidance, and more can be found at this resource.Some of the other myFPAC resources include:

And don’t forget to bookmark myFPAC’s main landing page, where you’ll find links to services, messages from mission area leaders, FPAC directives, and more.


The following links are pages on the NRCS​ website tagged as important for employees.