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Meeting Minutes

2021-09-28 Minutes

Point Data Certification                   J. Hammerly
Stephen Roecker has offered to lead the point data certification team
NASIS Training Development         J. Hammerly
Joe Anderson and John Hammerly will be meeting with Jennifer Mason to discuss the Basic NASIS training course
Team Updates                               Team
OSD team held the first meeting. MVP and phases to the updates were discussed.

2021-08-24 Minutes

Ad-Hoc Symbols in Web Soil Survey                               D. Kinney
The ad-hoc symbols used across the US are not standardized and have unique definitions which makes it difficult to manage and deliver: Symbols
Basic NASIS training course development                           J. Hammerly
Working with the training focus team to update basic NASIS training and offer the course nationally again in the future

2021-07-27 Minutes

Point Data
Investigate setting up a team to address needs for QC and QA of point data for public release
Mobile Data Upload Progress
Developers are looking at example JSON
OSD team

2021-06-22 Minutes

Training Updates                                                                                           S. McVey
  1. QA/QC plan to evaluate existing training materials
  2. Review new training items in development
  3. Training needs from DBFT team members
Team Updates                                                                                             J. Hammerly
NCSS DBFT Presentation
RD Minimum Standard Letter
OSD Team

2021-05-25 Minutes

Team Updates                                                  Team
NCSS Presentation and Poster
Focus team website has been updated
PI 14 planning
Handbook Update - minimum data
OSD team formed
Wayne Gabriel and Dylan Beaudette are co-leads
National Point Data Maps                                S. Roecker

2021-04-27 Minutes

Replacement for SSURGO template                  S. Peaslee
SSURGO template replacement with an SQLite format is being explored. DB browser application is available for install by IT.
OSD Database                                                   J. Hammerly
Improvements to the OSD database is a short term team goal. A sub-team should be created to identify improvements and outline a path forward for NASIS integrations and new capabilities.
Mobile Data Collection
Research on the upload process was not added to PI 13 an alternative should be developed in the interim.

2021-02-23 Minutes

Website Updates                                               J. Hammerly
The team page needs updating, take some time to review existing information and send me any corrections. Any suggestions for content or improvements are welcome.
Team Updates                                                  Team
Planning for PI 13 may include time to research mobile data collection form upload capability.
NASIS Bug Reports                                          J. Hammerly
If bug reports are received by the soils hotline staff, I will try and duplicate before a ticket is submitted to address the issue in future NASIS releases. I may also ask for assistance from the team on this.

2021-02-23 Minutes

Training Plan Review                                            J. Hammerly
A training plan was sent out to the focus teams for feedback. we identified a lack of ecological staff training opportunities in learning the SPSD database systems. We also recommended revisiting the option of having a national formal training of NASIS at the basic and advanced levels.
DSP Hub Updates                                                J. Nemecek
A DSP Hub Development server is up and running with PostgreSQL, RStudio, and shiny-server. It will be a sandbox for testing new ideas and features that will integrate with the Hub.
NASIS Data Integrity                                          J. Hammerly
We discussed the status of data integrity on a national level, and revisited the request made to include data integrity requirement in NSSH. We will be reaching out for follow up on the status.
Website Updates                                               J. Hammerly
This item was tabled to the next meeting.

2021-01-26 Minutes

Proposal to update NSSH NASIS pop. guidance 618.47 & 618.48 for organic horizons      D. Wing

Discussed changing the guidance from populating 0 for sand, silt, and clay to leaving null. Also suggests keeping sieves null as well. Dan W. will circulate the proposal for comment and review prior to bringing the document to the Senior Regional Soil Scientist Meeting next week.
Subteam updates
Point Certification                                                                                           W. Gabriel
The team is exploring options for flagging pedons for distribution -- mainly by using the area overlap table in NASIS until a better permanent solution is able to be enacted
Mobile Data Collection                                                                                   J. Hammerly
The team is finalizing a standardized form in Survey 123 to be used across SPSD, and exploring methods to streamline conversion of the data into a receivable format for NASIS. There are several options available -- worksheet upload, pedonPC access db, and through a modernization effort, a custom method is possible
WCS Update                                                                                                                  D. Beaudette
The experimental web coverage service for gSSURGO/gNATSGO is running and has R functions to simplify access to the data. Any input and/or reporting of issues is welcome. Kyle Stephens, Dan Wing and Joe Brennan will meet to discuss delivery of the raster soil data products to SDA

2020-12-22 Minutes


Delivery of gridded data + SDA                                                J. Hammerly

Dylan Beaudette has developed a method for obtaining soils information via a web coverage service (WCS)

Global soil map updates                                                           S. Roecker

SPSD systems diagram cleanup                                               J. Hammerly

A new revised diagram might be useful - input from others appreciated:


Connecting to national databases in RStudio                               J. Hammerly

A demo of making a connection to the production national databases in RStudio. Still investigating ways to extract spatial data.

Basic Instructions

2020-10-27 Minutes

Short and Long Term Team Planning                              J. Hammerly
Focus Team Presentation to Leadership
Open Source Data Users                                                   S. Peaslee
Exploring SQLite as a replacement for delivery of soils data may be viable. Anyone with experience using SQLite, which can provide input on its use are encouraged to share with the group and discuss any advantages or disadvantages.
Lab Data Mart                                                                  J. Nemecek, D. Beaudette, A. Diaz
NSSC Updates                                                               K. Stephens

2020-09-22 Minutes

SQL 2016 Advanced Analytics Extensions                                J. Hammerly

This is a feature which can be enabled during the install process and has different names depending on the SQL version. For 2016 it’s called “R Services”.

Some of the documentation here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/sql-server/editions-and-components-of-sql-server-2016?view=sql-server-2016#deciding-among--components

Further explanation here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/machine-learning/r/sql-server-r-services?view=sql-server-2016

Specifics on installation here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/machine-learning/install/sql-r-services-windows-install?view=sql-server-2016

It should be explored as something we could test and potentially implement in the future. Some benefits to having the feature, if enabled, would be that it could make some of the NASIS calculations much more simple to write, and could make new calculations achievable, not possible previously.
Database snapshots and backups                                            J. Hammerly
NASIS currently lacks a simple method for local backup or snapshot of data. Adding this feature could enable easier recovery of data due to deletion or modification errors, and could allow generation of new reports on historical data via a snapshot.
Shiny EcoSite Report                                                                J. Hammerly
The report can be viewed here: https://usda.shinyapps.io/eco_report/
This app replicates some of the functionality of the old ES reports available in WSS which were recently removed the uploaded shapefile is processed on shinyapps servers so be aware of PII if using.

2020-08-25 Minutes

Database Focus Team Updates                                                J. Hammerly

Proposed OSD Object in NASIS: Pedon copy vs. links                    D. Beaudette

New soilDB Functions for gNATSGO/gSSURGO                  S. Roecker

2020-07-28 Minutes

Introductions / Roll Call                                                              J. Hammerly

Sub Team Reports                                                                       Team

Mobile Data Collection

  1. Have the Database Team petition the Division to back fill Henry Ferguson’s old position. Henry helped get data into NASIS from various sources (internal and external) as well as helped to clean up data that is currently in NASIS.
  2. Have the Database Team petition the Regional Directors to agree to identify one person from each region to be trained on how to upload pedon data from various Apps outside of NASIS (Apps like collector, Survey123, pedon pc, excel workbooks, etc). There are several options that regions across the division are using for mobile data collection tools. When it comes time to get this data up to NASIS, there are only a few folks that know how to format the data and get it into NASIS (through excel workbooks). This is a bottle neck! No mobile data collection tool will streamline the data collection and entry process until we have folks trained on how to get that data into NASIS. (Kevin Godsey is the POC for this process and train the trainer possibility.
  3. Have the Database Team petition the division to hire or train someone to assist George Teachman with the workload of how to address and handle new data fields (old or obsolete data fields, new data collection requirements, etc. in the NASIS database structure). Currently, George Teachman handles this and he is retiring in December 2020. If data is to continue to upload to NASIS from other means (Excel, Pedon PC, Survey123, etc.), the data will have to be compatible with the NASIS table structures (each external data column, row, cell will have to be cross-referenced with where it’s going in NASIS). The Database Team could possibly help with this workload, but that sounds inefficient as everyone is stretched pretty thin these days.

EDIT Database

SSURGO Refresh


gNATSGO and gSSURGO were recently released in spring of 2020
update of these products with the July 2020 data refresh may not happen, and instead may occur at the next July 2021 release 

Worksheet Upload

SSD Tools Organization


Useful links for laboratory data




Links from Dylan




Links to lab databases and documentation


DMU Data Population Standards

Work continues on data integrity reports in NASIS. Progress on can be viewed within NASIS.

National Updates                                                                        K. Stephens

FPAC NASIS Modernization -- SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) based structure, will be working closely with developers on this process
ESIS, EDIT to NASIS, and EDIT to WSS -- testing functionality to ensure proper operation

Vegetation Data in NASIS                                                          J. Hammerly