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Tech Tools

WinFlume - Version 1.06

A Windows-based computer program used to design and calibrate long-throated flume and broad-crested weir flow measurement structures.

Data and Reports

Wisconsin Soil Data Mart

The following links to data are not static; these links pull information and hits from the official soils database live. Interactive maps and dynamic reports are available below.

Education and Teaching Materials

Wisconsin State Soil - Antigo Silt Loam

Many states have a designated state bird, flower, fish, tree, rock, etc. And, many states also have a state soil – one that has significance or is important to the state.

Data and Reports

Wyoming Snow Survey & Water Supply Program

The NRCS Snow Survey Program provides mountain snowpack data and streamflow forecasts for the western United States.  Common applications of snow survey products include water supply management, flood control, climate modeling, recreation, and conservation planning.