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Deadline Approaching for Discrimination Financial Assistance Program

Farmers in Maine Should Apply by Jan. 13, 2024
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Harvested hand picked large sweet potatoes, at Kirby Farms in Mechanicsville, VA on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013. 200 acres of the farm are devoted to eggplant, spinach, beets, tomato, jalapeno peppers, melons and a variety of greens. Soybeans and small grain are grown on the remaining 300 acres. Using rotational crop practices allows Kirby Farms to double and triple crop yields. Wholesalers, who buy from this farm, sell the produce to major supermarkets in the Mid-Atlantic region, from North Carolina to Maryland

January 13 is the deadline for Maine farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to submit applications for assistance through the Discrimination Financial Assistance Program for those who experienced discrimination in USDA farm lending programs prior to January 2021.

If you think you may be eligible, we encourage you to check out the program website: You’ll find various assistance to help learn about the program and help you apply. Borrowers have the option to apply for assistance online via or through a paper-based form. Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices in Maine are not managing the program and cannot help with applications. As directed by Congress, USDA is working with third-party vendors to administer this program.

We’ve been made aware of some lawyers and groups spreading misleading information about the discrimination assistance process, pressuring people to sign retainer agreements, and asking people to fill out forms with private and sensitive information. The official application process and filling out an application is FREE and does not require a lawyer.

To apply or learn more about the Discrimination Financial Assistance Program, please visit or call the free call center at 1-800-721-0970 before Jan. 13, 2024.