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Maryland Civil Rights Committee

The Maryland Civil Rights Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the State Conservationist (STC) which promotes and assists in meaningful and effective affirmative action consistent with the goals and objectives set forth by management.

The Committee meets quarterly to:

  • provide feedback on the performance of the civil rights program.

  • make recommendations for improvement.

  • identify emerging areas needing special attention by the STC and Management Team.

  • make recommendations to the STC regarding policy, practices, and procedures as they affect civil rights state-wide.

Vision of Civil Rights and Diversity: A commitment to Civil Rights and diversity that demonstrates exceptional employer and Government service where diversity is so deeply imbedded in our employees that it is part of our NRCS culture; invisible, unconscious and ever present yet clear and apparent to our customers.

Maryland NRCS State Conservationist
Poster with photos of CRAC members

Chair - David Kidwell-Slak

Vice-Chair - Laura Eddy

Secretary - Brittany Wolford

Member At Large - Mitch LeMuiex

Member At Large - Dana Rushovich

Associate - Samantha Cox

Special Emphasis Program Managers

American Indian/Alaskan Native - Jack King

Asian American/Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian - Rebecca Brown

Black - J'Que Jones

Disabilities - Jordan Bailey

Gay/Lesbian/Bi-sexual/Transgender - Zach Berry

Hispanic - Julie McGivern

Veterans - Christopher Schlette

Women's - Jennifer Richardson