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Georgia Civil Rights Committee

Welcome to the Georgia Civil Rights page.

The Georgia Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC) members and the Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM), serve in an advisory role to the State's Deputy Civil Rights Officer (State Conservationist), to help ensure that Federal agencies institute, plan, and take affirmative steps to provide equal opportunity to all applicants and employees in all areas of employment (recruitment, hiring, training, promotions, and awards); and provide a means for underserved groups to communicate their concerns to state leaders.


In Georgia, NRCS staff works closely with other USDA Agencies and partners to facilitate equitable treatment of NRCS customers and employees while ensuring the successful delivery of the Civil Rights programs and activities in Georgia.


To promote harmony and diversity for one Georgia.



Georgia Civil Rights Advisory Committee

CRAC Officers and Advisors
Name Position Phone Number Email
Terrance O. Rudolph
Deputy Civil Rights Officer
Garrett Morris
Vice Chair
Tansel Hudson
State Office Representative
Lashawn Brown
Area 1 Representative
Area 2 Representative
William "Hal" Darsey
Area 3 Representative
Area 4 Representative
Karla Hollis
Advisor | 1890 Liaison
Kaneisha Miller
Advisor | North Georgia Outreach Coordinator
Charlie Grace
Advisor | South Georgia Outreach Coordinator
Amelia Dortch
Advisor | Urban Outreach Coordinator
Jodi "Niki" Morely
Advisor | Southeast American Indian Working Group Tribal Liaison
Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM)
Name Position Phone Number Email
WIlliam Henry
American Indian / Alaskan Native SEPM
Asian American / Pacific Islander SEPM
Jazmond Carter
Black SEPM
Justin Robinson
Disability SEPM
Vanessa Merriweather
Federal Women's SEPM
Coral Santiago
Hispanic SEPM
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender SEPM
Tyler Wilhite
Veterans SEPM