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Tennessee Soils Success Stories

Read the latest conservation success stories that show how NRCS and farmers and ranchers work together to improve agricultural operations while helping the environment. 

Tennessee Soil Health Success Stories

Jimmy Standefer on the benefits of no till, cover crops, and rotational grazing.


Jim and Johnnie Sue Phillips on the benefits of rotational grazing


Randy Winter, Cocke County producer, on rotational grazing, water quality and herd management


Jeff Wilder, Greene County producer, talks about rotational grazing


Brain Dooley, Hawkins County producer, on rotational grazing, bale grazing, and grass-fed beef operation


Butch Lay, Monroe County producer, on the benefits of rotational grazing on his organic dairy farm


Jan Johnson on the benefits of rotational grazing


Corey Ippolito, Vineyard & Winery discusses how they use rotational grazing in their vineyard.


Terry Gupton, Cumberland County producer, speaks on rotational grazing. 


Jim and Deanna Malooley on rotational grazing in their grassfed lamb and beef operation. 


John Abe Teague, a Washington County producer, discusses providing shade, improving pastureland, and rotational grazing.  


James England discusses compost, soil health and rotational grazing.


Growing a Christmas tree farm


Tim and Tommy Colbert share their thoughts on planting cover crops and improving the health of their soil.


Tim Bishop, of Chester County, Tennessee, talks about using cover crops to improve his soil health and ultimately reduce inputs thus increasing his profits. 


Chester County Producer John Moore talks about soil health and the benefits of cover crops.


Willis Jepson, a seventh-generation family farmer in Robertson County, talks about cover crops, soil health and improving water quality in Red River.


Ray Sneed, a Shelby County producer, discusses soil health on his farm.


Brad Cochran talks about the value of cover crop to his soil health.


Matt Griggs, a Madison County producer, talks about the value of cover crops and the impact on soil health.


Russel McGlothlin is an eighth-generation farmer in Sumner County who is committed to the use of cover crops and soil health.


Third-generation Madison County farmer John Verell discusses the benefits of soil health on their family farm. 


Marty Hinson discusses how she selected her cover mixes beginning with what she wanted to accomplish with her cover crops.


Karl Forsbach discusses how he uses cover crops.


Mark Klepper discusses the economics of cover crops. 


Nick Combs talks about his cover crops and the benefits of cover crops and residue.


Ricky Essary speaks on using cover crops.


Kenny Hamilton discusses the use of EQIP to increase soil health.


Danny Powell discusses the value of cover crops to improve soil health, infiltration and productivity.


Ed Sumara discusses his practices and the resulting productivity.


Jason Crabtree discusses cover crops, ariel seeding, and the practices he uses on his crops of corn and soybeans.


Don Norwood discusses using 100 percent no-till on his farm 3000 acres farm.