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2021 Conservation Implementation Strategy (CIS) Projects

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) in South Dakota is implementing a phased-in approach in how conservation programs are delivered and made an annual call for project proposals. The following are the approved project proposals submitted by partners or NRCS staff.


Beadle County Resiliency Strategies for Grazingland Management and Recovery (PDF; 750 KB)
Clear Lake and Hidewood Creek Water Quality Project Fact Sheet (PDF; 452 KB)
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Initiative (PDF; 487 KB)
Flood Damage Repair and Erosion Prevention Project - South Fork
   Whetstone River and North Fork Yellow Bank River Grant County, South Dakota
  (PDF; 590 KB)
Hot Springs Wildfire and Forest Pest Mitigation (PDF: 437 KB)
Minnehaha Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (PDF; 373 KB)
Oakwood Lake Watershed (PDF; 1,144 KB)
Oglala Livestock Water Development Project (PDF; 334 KB)
Pierre Creek Watershed (PDF; 803 KB)
Rangeland and Riparian Health in the Eastern Grasslands of Custer County (PDF; 332 KB)
Rapid Creek Restoration Project (PDF; 318 KB)
Rapid Creek Restoration Project 2 (PDF; 311 KB)
Resilient Forest Landscapes - Lawrence County, SD (PDF; 288 KB)
Resilient Forest Landscapes - Meade County, SD (PDF; 435 KB)
Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat (PDF; 438 KB)
Vermillion River (PDF; 310 KB)