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Eastern side of Scituate Reservoir, facing northwest, on Plainfield Pike in Scituate, RI. Photo by Meghan Santos, USGS New England Water Science Center, May 17 2021.

RCPP 2014 Farm Implementation FY 2023 Ranking Criteria - Rhode Island


Is the applicant implementing an approved NRCS small scale CNMP developed through the RCPP Farm Implementation within the Scituate Reservoir Watershed AND does the applicant have a Farm, Forest and Open Space (FFOS) Conservation Plan?

  1. YES – Points: N/A
  2. NO – Points: N/A

Category Question

Are the Planned Land Units (PLUs) in the State of Rhode Island?

  1. Yes – Points: N/A
  2. Otherwise / NO – Points: N/A

Program Questions

  1. Is the land permanently protected through a CONSERVATION EASEMENT, purchase of development rights or other mechanism?
    1. Yes, the PLU is contained within a conservation easement – Points: 20
    2. No, the PLU is not within an easement area – Points: 0
  2. Does the applicant meet the NRCS definition of a Historically Underserved (HU) producer as identified in the CPA-1200?
    1. YES – Points: 40
    2. NO – Points: 0
  3. Does this application include the FULL implementation of the CNMP including composting facilities for small scale livestock farmers?
    1. YES – Points: 60
    2. NO – Points: 0
  4. Will this project allow continued implementation of a nutrient management system that is being progressively installed?
    1. YES – Points: 30
    2. NOT APPLICABLE – Points: 0
  5. If this application is approved for funding, will this be the applicant's first contract with NRCS?
    1. YES – Points: 50
    2. NOT APPLICABLE – Points: 0

Resource Questions

  1. Is this application addressing one or more of the project's priority resource concerns? Multiple resource concerns may be selected.
    1. Field Sediment, Nutrient, and Pathogen Loss – Points: 25
    2. Concentrated Erosion – Points: 10
    3. Source Water Depletion – Points: 20
    4. Storage and Handling of Pollutants – Points: 40
    5. Air Quality Emissions – Points: 5
    6. Not Applicable – Points: 0
  2. What is the distance from the Planned Land Unit (PLU) to water bodies including streams, ponds, lakes, estuaries, all surface waters?
    1. PLU is 100 feet from waterbody or less – Points: 50
    2. PLU is 100-500 feet from waterbody – Points: 30
    3. PLU is 500-1000 feet from a waterbody – Points: 20
    4. Otherwise – Points: 0
  3. Is the Planned Land Unit (PLU) 100 feet or less from the edge of the wetland?
    1. PLU is 100 feet or less from the edge of the wetland – Points: 30
    2. Otherwise – Points: 0
  4. Does the Planned Land Unit (PLU) include Prime and State Important Soils?
    1. Yes - PLU contains prime or state important soils – Points: 20
    2. Otherwise – Points: 0

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