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Echo Meadows Irrigation Project

County: Umatilla

Primary Resource Concern Addressed: Source water depletion - Inefficient irrigation water use

Project Description
Improve irrigation efficiency on the mainstem Umatilla River water withdrawals to minimize the impact of a tribal water right settlement in the Umatilla basin.  The old antiquated irrigation systems will need to be updated to minimize water conflict between neighboring farmers, ranchers and CTUIR. This CIS will fund individual on farm irrigation efficiency improvements using EQIP (Phase I) while facilitating partners to secure an RCPP to fund group delivery systems.

Conservation Practices Offered

  • Irrigation Pipeline (430)
  • Irrigation System, Sprinkler (442)
  • Irrigation System, Microirrigation (441)
  • Irrigation Water Management (449)
  • Structure for Water Control (587)
  • Pumping Plant (533)

Project Partners

  • Courtney Ditch Company
  • Pioneer Ditch Company
  • Allen Ditch Company
  • Dillon Ditch Company
  • NRCS Oregon
  • Private landowners

Local EQIP Ranking Questions
NRCS uses these questions to evaluate eligible applications for this project and to prioritize applications for potential funding. State and national ranking questions also apply. See more information on the EQIP program page.

Screening Questions

  1. Is your project located within the Echo Meadows priority area?
  2. Will your project increase irrigation efficiency of an irrigation system with a Umatilla River Point of Diversion (POD). 

Ranking Questions
Answer #1 or #2, not both:

  1. Irrigation efficiency increase of 20% or greater 
  2. Irrigation efficiency increase of 10-19%
  3. Have you been in negotiations with CTUIR on a water settlement
  4. Have you met with CTUIR flood plain easement specialists or the fish biologists to discuss potential flood plain expansion?
  5. Will your project increase energy efficiency on a pumped system?
  6. Does your project include instream water leasing or it will be part of a project to permanently put a portion of water back I stream?