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Watershed Rehabilitation Program

Watershed Rehabilitation

North Dakota NRCS Watershed Rehabilitation Program

The Watershed Rehabilitation Program helps project sponsors rehabilitate aging dams that were originally constructed through the NRCS Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Operations Program (WFPO).  As of 2020, in ND there have been 14 high hazard dams, 26 significant hazard dams, and 9 low hazard dams constructed through the WFPO program in North Dakota.  NRCS prioritizes funding based on the risks to life and property should a failure occur; therefore, currently only high hazard dams are eligible for funding through the program.  NRCS provides assistance to local project Sponsors for assessment, planning, design, and construction.

Current / Recent ND Watershed Rehabilitation Projects

Tongue River Dam #M-4 (Renwick Dam) 

Middle South Branch Forest River Dam #1 (Matecjek Dam) 

Middle South Branch Forest River Dam #4 (Fordville Dam)

North Branch Forest River Dam #1 (Bylin Dam)

Tongue River Watershed Dams #M-3 (Senator Young Dam) #T-7-1 (Olson Dam)

Upper Turtle River Dam #9 (Larimore Dam)

National Watershed Rehabilitation Website

ND Program contact:

Christi Fisher
State Conservation Engineer
(701) 530-2091