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Forest River Watershed

Sponsor: Walsh County Water Resource District

After initial public engagement and discussion on the preferred alternative, the Walsh County Water Resource District (WCWRD) elected not to proceed with further design and evaluation of the preferred alternative.

The watershed plan included efforts to implement flood prevention and flood damage reduction measures along the Forest River near the towns of Forest River and Minto, North Dakota. 

The project was considered necessary in order to protect human welfare and safety, public transportation infrastructure, and cropland form recurring flood damages.  The project intended to reduce and/or prevent floodwater damages by reducing runoff, erosion, and sediment and reduce frequency, depth, or velocity of flooding in the project area.

The preferred alternative for this project consisted of a bypass channel that carried flood flows from the Forest River mainstem to Ardoch Coulee.  A storage site located downstream of the bypass on Ardoch Coulee was also a part of the preferred alternative.  The storage site would accommodate increased discharges created by the bypass channel.

Forest River Watershed


Current Status

In May of 2020, NRCS and the Red River Retention Authority (RRRA) agreed with the decision of the Forest River Joint Water Resource District (FRJWRD) to terminate this agreement.