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Success Story

Carolina Conservation: Trong Pham and his Chicken Farm Conservation Efforts.

North Carolina Poultry farmer Trong Pham standing next to a building

From Vietnam to Anson County North Carolina, Trong Pham has come a long way to finding his passion of feeding people and conserving our natural resources.

RALEIGH, N.C.,– Every year, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) celebrates the vibrant cultures and invaluable contributions of our Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AA and NHPI) communities. From cultivating traditions to innovation, their diversity strengthens our agricultural landscape here in North Carolina. Across the state almost 400 farms are part of this amazing community. Most of these farms are in livestock, poultry, and their respective products. When many animals are in one place, it presents a natural resource challenge. But these farmers, specifically Mr. Trong Pham, are very aware of these challenges and are working with USDA-NRCS in addressing them. 

Mr. Pham immigrated from Vietnam to the United States in 1981 as a refugee. The road to agriculture wasn’t a straight one, he worked several jobs along the way before he found his true passion for feeding his fellow Americans. He started his operation in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. Now he operates 18 chicken houses and manages over 2 million chickens in a year. 

“I was willing to do something, looking for options. Finally, I ended up in a poultry farm”, said Mr. Trong Pham, Program Participant.

When it comes to livestock farming, there are common practices like roofs and covers, along with waste storage facility, and animal mortality facility. What these practices do is protect nearby waterways from contamination, reduce emissions and odors, along with improving air quality. 

Mr. Pham implemented these practices into his operation, protecting 36 acres of natural resources on his property under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. He’s no stranger to conservation and has been working with USDA-NRCS for some time, starting back in 2021. In that time, he has implemented $450,000 worth of conservation efforts. Those efforts haven’t stopped at just working with USDA-NRCS.

Mr. Pham has made conservation a family affair as well. Thanks to him, other family members who are also poultry producers have been implementing conservation practices. To prevent erosion, he has also installed water drip lines around his houses. 

“Farmers like Trong are so important to addressing natural resource concerns, without them we couldn't do what we do effectively," said Shauntae Britt, Supervisory Soil Conservationist for USDA-NRCS.

Looking ahead, Mr. Pham plans on adding to his operation with building another waste storage facility and animal mortality facility. These two facilities again will help aid in protecting nearby waters and improving air quality while he does the important job of producing chickens that feed people around the world. 

“I care a lot about the environment, and I really appreciate the help,” said Mr. Pham.

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