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A picture of a drip irrigation system with pepper plants started to grow.

New Jersey Engineering

NRCS applies sound engineering tools and principles to plan, design, and implement conservation practices and systems through delegated approval authority.

Engineering Tools and Documents

The National Engineering Manual is the NRCS Engineering Policy document. The New Jersey Supplements provide additional policy statements unique to NRCS operations in the State.

In irrigation pivot on a field in Burley, Idaho with wind turbines in the background. Near W 500 S and S 400 W streets. 10/8/2018 Photo by Kirsten Strough

Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG)

The Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (EFOTG) is the main source of technical documents, handbooks, manuals, references and other tools.

Stream stabilization in a neighborhood in New Jersey.

New Jersey Emergency Watershed Protection

The Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program, a federal emergency recovery program, helps local communities recover after a natural disaster strikes.

Hilary Trotman

State Conservation Engineer