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Montana High Priority Practices - Environmental Quality Incentives Program

For Fiscal year 2024 NRCS Montana has designated 10 High Priority Practices for use in all Environmental Quality Protection Program (EQIP) fund pools.

These conservation practices are eligible for the High Priority Practice (HPP) payment rate. High Priority payment rates are designated at 90% of total practice cost and up to 100% of forgone income. Both Historically Underserved (HU) and non-HU participants will receive the increased payment rate. Increased funding for selected practices will multiply the effects of the Montana Focused Conservation (MFC) approach of investing in targeted areas to achieve clearly defined natural resource goals.

  • 314 Brush Management
  • 315 Herbaceous Weed Treatment
  • 318 Conservation Crop Rotation
  • 329 Residue and Tillage Management, No Till
  • 384 Woody Residue Treatment
  • 512 Pasture and Hay Planting
  • 528 Prescribed Grazing
  • 550 Range Planting
  • 642 Water Well
  • 666 Forest Stand Improvement

Detailed information on conservation practice standards and specifications can be found in Section 4 of the Field Office Technical Guide.