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CSP Montana Screening and Workload Prioritization

NRCS in Montana assigns CSP applications priority levels using these guidelines.

Application Priority Levels

  • High - CSP application will be assessed and ranked.
  • Medium - CSP application will be assessed after "High Priority" applications, and ranked when directed by state program managers.
  • Low - CSP application may be assessed after all "High Priority" and "Medium Priority" applications, when workload allows.
  • None - May be assessed after all "High Priority", "Medium Priority", and "Low Priority" applications.
  • Incomplete - Applicant is notified of missing information. Once ALL information is provided, the application may be considered in a future batching period.

Screening Criteria Questions

  1. Has the applicant submitted complete copies of:
    • A.) NRCS-CPA-1200?
    • B.) Maps that identify and delineate the land unit boundaries, with existing infrastructure marked?
    • Note 1: The designated conservationist will review all applications for completeness and consistency with customer and farm information and application-supplied data to ensure that it meets program specific eligibility, and that the applicant signed the application.
    • Note 2: Document the applicant was notified of missing required documentation and given a reasonable opportunity to provide it, not to exceed the batching period deadline.
    • No = Incomplete
  2. Has the applicant established records with FSA prior to the batching period deadline that show the applicant:
    • A.) Is operator, owner, or other tenant of an agricultural operation in the Farm Service Agency (FSA) farm records management system?
    • B.) Is engaged in agricultural or forestry management or has an interest in the agricultural or forestry operation associated with the land offered for enrollment (CCC-902 initiated, filed or determined)?
    • No = Ineligible
  3. Has the applicant had a contract in ANY NRCS program terminated for reasons within their control in the last three years (Since January 1, 2020)? If yes, identify:
    • Date of Termination:
    • Yes = None
  4. Does the applicant have an existing contract in ANY NRCS program that has been determined to be in noncompliance for reasons within their control, and is currently under an active NRCS-CPA-153? If yes, identify:
    • Contract Number:
    • Signed Date:
    • Action Due:
    • Yes = None
  5. Is NRCS aware that the applicant has failed to properly operate and maintain conservation practices or activities that were installed with program financial assistance AND are still within their lifespan, even if the contract is expired?
    • Yes = None

Prioritization Criteria Questions

  1. Does the applicant include all eligible land in the agricultural operation?
    • Note 1: Newly acquired or newly eligible land must have an established or documented management system of "at least one growing season" to be considered as eligible for CSP application. It may be considered to have a documented management system IF it will be managed the same as similar eligible land already in the applicant's operation (i.e., same pest management, nutrient management, soil tillage intensity rating (STIR), crop rotation, grazing management system, etc.) Newly acquired or newly eligible land that does not have a documented management system may be considered in a subsequent sign-up.
    • No = Ineligible
  2. Has the applicant submitted complete copies of the Conservation Planning Workbook filled out for the land units offered in the application by the required deadline?
    • No = Incomplete
  3. Has the applicant submitted complete copies of the Proposed Schedules of Activities submitted by the required deadline?
    • No = Incomplete
  4. Does the application include a new enhancement on all land uses in the application?
    • No = Low, Medium if 5a=Yes
  5. Will new enhancements improve state priority Resource Concern Categories (RCC)? Select one of the following:
    • 5a.) 5 or more state priority RCC?
      • Yes = High
    • 5b.) 4 state priority RCC?
      • Yes = Medium
    • 5c.) 3 or less state priority RCC?
      • Yes = Low

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