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CSP Montana Enhancements, Bundles, and Supplemental Payments

On this page, find links to CSP Enhancements, Bundles and Supplemental Payments available in Montana. Enhancements and Bundles listed here include Montana Supplements.


Enhancements allow a producer to address additional levels of conservation beyond what the minimum conservation practice standard requires. The following enhancements are available in Montana.


CSP applicants who want to increase their conservation stewardship even further may consider “bundles” of enhancement activities. Some enhancements work together to provide increased conservation benefits when they are implemented as a group. Producers may consider adopting these enhancement groups or “bundles” on their operation. The following bundles are available in Montana.

Supplemental Activity Payments

Supplemental activity payments are also available to CSP participants who wish to further adopt resource conserving crop rotations, improve an existing resource conserving crop rotation and/or implement advanced grazing management enhancements on their land. The following are available in Montana.

Advanced Grazing Management (AGM May 2022) (PDF; 222.7 KB)
Resource Conserving Crop Rotation (E328A April 2021) (PDF; 258.8)​​​​​​​
Improved Resource Conserving Crop Rotation (E328B July 2019) (PDF; 440.9 KB)

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