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Ram Ram and NRCS is a Win Win

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Ramos Hemp Farm

An enthusiastic hemp farmer, Ramando Ramos established Ram Ram Hemp Farm in Bunkie with the goal of cultivating, refining, manufacturing, and selling CBD products derived from hemp, while also practicing good stewardship of natural resources.

Ramando Ramos has known from a very early age that he wanted to grow things on his own piece of land. He’s also been interested in growing hemp for a very long time – close to 20 years! He recalls telling his wife many years ago that one day hemp would be legal to grow and they were going to be ready and waiting. The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized the production of industrial hemp meant that Ramando’s long wait was over. In addition to making it possible to legally produce hemp, the 2018 Farm Bill also allowed for hemp producers to be eligible for certain federal programs, including the NRCS voluntary conservation programs.

True to his word, Ramando lost no time in getting his hemp production (Ram Ram Hemp Farm in Bunkie) going. In just a few short years, he has begun to establish an operation that will eventually include the growth, processing, production, and marketing of his own hemp-derived CBD products. During a recent visit, he showed us one of his newest products and talked about how his participation in the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) allowed him to build a high tunnel that will help expand his business. He’ll be able to increase his production by being able to grow his hemp in the ground, protected under the cover of the high tunnel, and control his inputs. Since the high tunnel was completed late last year, he’ll soon be getting his new crop started under its arches.

Ramando has been steadily building his business and re-investing his profits for expansion while also practicing good stewardship of natural resources. The financial assistance from NRCS for his voluntary conservation efforts has been a win-win for him and NRCS. He encourages anyone interested in growing hemp or other crops to learn about NRCS programs by contacting their local NRCS office.


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Ram Ram Hemp