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NRCS Caribbean engineers inspect Isabela, Puerto Rico, Irrigation channel.

Caribbean Engineering Division

The NRCS Caribbean Engineering Division provides conservation engineering services to clients and partners in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our mission is to lead innovative engineering solutions to natural resource conservation challenges in the Caribbean Area.

Caribbean Engineer, Yara Ortiz, conducts a sites inspection in Puerto Rico.

Focus Areas


  • Colosso Irrigation Project
  • Salinas Irrigation Projects
  • Santa Isabel Irrigation Project
  • Yabucoa Canals RCPP
  • Daguey and Ajies Dams Post Maria Repairs
  • EWP - post disaster response
  • Bordeaux Farming Community Water Quality and Quantity Improvements
  • Isabela Irrigation Channels Repairs

What's New

What We Do

Our Caribbean Engineering Team applies sound engineering tools and principles to plan, design, and implement conservation practices and systems to help farmers and landowners improve the health of their operations while protecting our natural resources for the future. 

The Conservation Engineering Division (CED) provides local technical support to our farmers and ranchers along with practice design assistance through our financial assistance programs including EQIP, Caribbean Partners for Conservation, CIG, and RCPP. CED also leads NRCS Caribbean’s watershed program implementation. Direct engineering assistance can be obtained from our 8 NRCS Caribbean field offices and State Office. We are also supported by our national centers and the Conservation Engineering Division in Washington, DC.               

Our Caribbean Engineering Team provides technical guidance and support to our clients and programs in a wide range of specialties including:

  • NRCS Caribbean Engineer Heriberto Rosado and Soil Con Abiud Mulero survey conservation practices in Salinas, Puerto Rico, during COVID on 16 April 2020.
    Civil Engineering –
    • Design and construction project management and Statement of Work (SOW) definition.
    • Preparing projects’ materials specifications and construction specifications.
    • Design and construction contract administration.
    • Watershed planning IDIQ A&E contractor selection
    • Emergency streambank restoration
    • Local NRCS dam safety inspections.
    • Local engineering job approval.
    • Structural engineering designs.
    • Local professional practice compliance and certifications.
  • Agricultural Engineering
    • State Technical Committee – technical support and subcommittee
    • Caribbean Area engineering conservation practices Field Office Technical Guide management and updates
    • Caribbean Area engineering practices cost updates
  • Energy efficiency - Agricultural energy conservation, efficiency, and alternative and renewable energy utilization
  • Surveying data collection, equipment management and operations
  • Environmental Engineering
    • Agricultural manure and waste management, and planning support
    • Agricultural water quality
    • Mortality management
  •  Geology
    • Sedimentation
    • Groundwater
    • Geomorphology
    • Streams, Ponds and Channels
  • Hydrology
    • Hydrology and Hydraulics
    • Climate and meteorology
    • Stormwater management
    • Water supply and conservation
  • Water Management
    • Irrigation Water Management
    • Livestock Water Management
    • Drainage Water Management
    • Wetlands Restoration/Creation
    • Water Quality and Availability


Caribbean Field Office Technical Guide screenshot

Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG)

The electronic Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) is NRCS's primary scientific reference. It contains technical information about practices to conserve soil, water, air, plant, animal and energy resources. The Caribbean Area FOTG has been localized with data and information specific to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It contains five sections with information about General Resource References (Section I), Natural & Cultural Resources (Section II), Resource Concerns and Planning Criteria (Section III), Conservation Practice Standards & Specifications (Section IV), and Conservation Effects (Section V).

Yilia Baucage-Bou

State Conservation Engineer

Employee Directory

Caribbean Engineering Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Lisbeth San Miguel-Rivera, PhD
EWP Coordinator
Alberto Atienza
Civil Engineer - Arecibo Field Office
Rolando Collazo
Civil Engineer - Caguas & USVI Field Offices
Celys Irizarry
Civil Engineering Technician - Juana Díaz Field Office
Yahaira Lugo
Civil Engineer - Juana Díaz Field Office
Yara Ortíz
Civil Engineer - Mayagüez Field Office
Gabriel Román
Civil Engineer - Mayagüez Field Office