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New Hampshire Civil Rights Committee

The NRCS in N.H. is committed to conservation program delivery to all Americans that call the Granite State 'home.' To ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers we have a Civil Rights Action Committee that advises state leadership on issues of equality and inclusion.

NH NRCS Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity

NRCS, N.H. is committed to the civil rights of our customers and employees. We deliver services equitably and strive for workforce diversity. Our programs are available to all customers, form all backgrounds, and we have established a committee of employees that represent the needs of underserved communities across New Hampshire. These Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPMs) each focus on a particular community a work to ensure they understand that our programs are open to them.

Meet the Team:

A picture of Tibitha Edwards, Civil Rights Committee Chair for NRCS, New Hampshire.

Committee Chair:
Tabitha Edwards

As the Chair of the NRCS, N.H. Civil Rights Advisory Committee, Tabitha provides leadership, for the committee - ensuring all efforts are adequately in place to meet the needs of the diverse citizens and employees of the Granite State.

A photo of Devon Cunningham, Civil Rights Advisor to NRCS, N.H.

Committee Advisor: 
Devon Cunningham 

As the Assistant State Conservationist, Management and Strategy, for NRCS, N.H. Devon is permanent advisor to the Civil Rights Advisory Committee providing guidance and continuity to the committee when individual SEPM terms expire.


Veteran SEPM, Jeremy Fowler
American Indian/Native Alaskan SEPM, Tim Tucker
Black SEPM, Jeffrey Painter
Disabled Americans SEPM, Katherine Kasacek
LGBTQ+ SEPM, Julia Sylvies
Asian American, Pacific Islander SEPM, Nels Liljedahl
Woman's SEPM, Ashley Newell
Hispanic SEPM, Jack Doherty