NRCS Conservation Programs

Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) Maps

NRCS's natural resources conservation programs help people reduce soil erosion, enhance water supplies, improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and reduce damages caused by floods and other natural disasters. Public benefits include enhanced natural resources that help sustain agricultural productivity and environmental quality while supporting continued economic development, recreation, and scenic beauty.

To learn more see AMA. The data used to make these maps is available in a downloadable csv file.

Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) Program Report

Year Total Acres in Active and Completed Contracts Number of Active and Completed Contracts Financial Assistance Obligations
2020 map of 2020 acres treated map of 2020 contracts enrolled map of 2020 FA dollars obligated
2019 map of 2019 acres treated map of 2019 contracts enrolled map of 2019 FA dollars obligated
2018 map of 2018 acres treated map of 2018 contracts enrolled map of 2018 FA dollars obligated
2017 map of 2017 acres treated map of 2017 contracts enrolled map of 2017 FA dollars obligated
2016 map of 2016 acres treated map of 2016 contracts enrolled map of 2016 FA dollars obligated
2015 map of 2015 acres treated map of 2015 contracts enrolled map of 2015 FA dollars obligated
2014 map of 2014 acres treated map of 2014 contracts enrolled map of 2014 FA dollars obligated
2013 map of 2013 acres treated map of 2013 contracts enrolled map of 2013 FA dollars obligated
2012 map of 2012 acres treated map of 2012 contracts enrolled map of 2012 FA dollars obligated
2011 map of 2011 acres treated map of 2011 contracts enrolled map of 2011 FA dollars obligated
2010 map of 2010 acres treated map of 2010 contracts enrolled map of 2010 FA dollars obligated
2009 map of 2009 acres treated map of 2009 contracts enrolled map of 2009 FA dollars obligated

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