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Useful tools for your Toolkit toolbox

Lost your NRCS toolbar?

Problem:  The Toolkit Toolbar is missing when a map document is opened. Nothing has been done to remove the toolbar manually and no changes have been made to the workstation since the last time the toolbar was present (e.g., software installations, software updates).

Resolution:  In most cases the following steps will correct the problem. 

  1. Shut down Toolkit and ArcMap.
  2. Click on Start > Run.
  3. Click on Browse.
  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\USDA\Toolkit5\Installation_Support.
  5. Uninstall by a double-click on the file named toolkit_cominterface_uninstall.bat
  6. Click on OK. 
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for to install the toolkit_cominterface_install.bat

After the script has run and the command window has closed, run Toolkit and start ArcMap.  Check to see if the Toolkit Toolbar is back. If the issue is not resolved, contact ToolkitSupport@ftc.usda.gov for assistance.

Slow processing time with contract or plan wizard?

Problem: Slow processing.

Resolution: The problem is usually the printer driver or the printer connection.  Two resolutions to try first:

  1. Delete the default printer.  Re-add the same printer.  Run the plan or contract wizard with 10-15 items and see how long it takes. 
  2. If more than 1.5 minutes, try the next resolution.  Change the default printer to another network printer (preferably a less fancy HP model, such as an old b/w printer).  Run the plan or contract wizard with 10-15 items and see if the problem has been corrected.  

NRCS symbols for practice layers

Adding special symbols for practice layers, like fences and pipelines, on plan maps is often a time consuming process. Here are instructions that show how to load and use a special style sheet that already has NRCS symbols selected for all practices.

PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat. 

Toolkit Stylesheet Instructions (PDF; 42 kb)

Note: you must first copy the AR_NRCS_Toolkit5_Practice.style file to your C:\ArcGIS\arcexe83\bin\Styles folder.


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