Go Big with High Tunnels in 2015!

Interested in extending your growing season for fresh market vegetables and other crops with a seasonal high tunnel? This may be your year! NRCS has lifted the size limits on hoop houses for FY15 and you are eligible to apply again if you installed one under the 2008 Farm Bill.

Know Where You’re Headed?

Whether you're taking a vacation or looking at retirement, you plan so you can be prepared and get the results you desire. The same idea applies to managing the natural resources on your land. A conservation plan is your free roadmap to identify and reach goals for your operation.

CBWI's Lasting Legacy for Virginia Conservation

To truly understand the scope of Chesapeake Bay conservation activities, you need a bird’s eye view of the rivers, streams, and creeks feeding this vast ecosystem. NRCS joins partners in highlighting ongoing investments in natural resource protection benefitting all Virginians.

Partnering for Rural Communities

Virginia has been part of USDA's StrikeForce for Rural Growth and Opportunity since 2013, reaching out to make programs and services more accessible to all citizens. Learn how our StrikeForce team helped this Eastern Shore grower buy land to continue his family farming heritage.

What's in the New Farm Bill for You?

The 2014 Farm Bill is streamlining key conservation programs but will continue to equip Virginia farmers and forest landowners with the tools they need to address resource concerns while helping the environment. Click the link above to learn more.

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Virginia Soil Health Profiles

Learn more about Virginia soil health champions like Anthony Beery.

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