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Filmmaker Visits National Soil Survey Center

Filmmaker Buz Kloot and film editor Lizbet Palmer spent last week filming videos that will highlight the National Soil Survey Center. Video blog trailers and photos are available by clicking on the link above or the photo to the right.

Guide to Pronouncing Terms in Soil Taxonomy and Soil Survey

The guide presents a list of terms that are used in Soil Taxonomy along with other terms used to describe soils. Included with each term are its origin, a respelling of the word for the purpose of pronunciation followed by the phonetic spelling in parentheses, and an audio file.

Lab Techs Work With Campers

Kellogg Soil Survey Laboratory technicians worked with summer campers on projects that included making Grass Critters (topiaries), using soil crayons, creating soil paintings, and using “binocular” microscopes to see what lives in the soil.

NRCS to celebrate International Year of Soils in 2015

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations designated next year for celebrating and spreading awareness for soil.

FY2015 gSSURGO Database Release

The FY2015 Gridded Soil Survey Geographic (gSSURGO) Database was released on February 23, 2015. These data are derived from a December 1, 2014, snapshot of the Soil Data Mart database. These new data are available in both state-wide tiles and the Conterminous U.S. (CONUS).


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A list of Web-based resources for access to natural resource data collected by NRCS.

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