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GLRI helps farmers improve soil health and protect water quality

When water runs over fields to rivers and streams it can take soil with it. Since it takes 1,000 years to build an inch of soil farmers want it to stay in place and keep it healthy. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative helps farmers do just that, which benefits their farm and Great Lakes.

NRCS retiree serves as technical expert

Recently, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a "Drinking Water Summit" to address water quality issues in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.  Steve Davis, an Ohio ACES Program participant and NRCS retiree, was invited to be one of five technical presenters. 

Ag Credit Partners with NRCS to Provide Cover Crop Signs

Farmers Protecting Our Lake signs identify cover crop fields and promote awareness of conservation tied to Lake Erie water quality. 


Working Together to Improve Water Quality Along the Lake Erie Shore

USDA is working with landowners, agricultural groups, and community leaders to restore and protect the Great Lakes.  Protecting Lake Erie Article

Help Pollinators with Conservation

Pollinators play a crucial role in the production of our food products. But despite their value, many pollinator species are in trouble. In an effort to fight population declines, NRCS is working with private landowners to establish habitat for pollinators through conservation.


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