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Preparing for Wildfire on Montana Rangelands

Wildfire can be a serious threat to the viability of livestock operations that are dependent on Montana’s grazingland resources. What can you do to protect the rangelands that you manage from wildfire? Preparation is the key to containment and suppression.

New agreement in Montana further enhances Sage grouse conservation efforts

By aligning and coordinating conservation efforts, NRCS and Montana leaders are furthering conservation efforts that restore and protect habitat for the at-risk bird.

Vegetable Production on a Montana Farm

A "Vegetable Production Tour" July 14, 2015, at Fresh Roots Farm near Polson, Montana, highlighted just one of the dozens of small-scale operations around Montana. These farmers are growing intensively on small acres while raising families and nourishing their communities.

Summer Fun with Dung Beetles

Looking for some family bonding time on the ranch? Take the whole family out to look for dung beetles in the pasture! Turning over cow pats, looking for rollers - hours of good clean (or not so much) fun. These often-overlooked little beetles are hard at work for you and your pastureland.

Soil Health, A Montana Perspective - Overview

This segment in the Soil Health, A Montana Perspective video series provides a general overview of the soil health topic. Other segments in the series describe conservation practices that can be used as tools for soil health and feature interviews with Montana farmers and ranchers.


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