Restoring Wetlands to their Natural Habitat

Jeff Pals and some family members are turning a little piece of land into a snapshot of what it used to be with the assistance from NRCS' wetland easement programs.  Read his story here.

NRCS mascot educates America on soil conservation for 40-plus years

NRCS highlights Sammy Soil as part of the back to school season, including the many educational resources available.

Profiles in Soil Health

When asked what the most satisfying result of working towards healthy soil is, the Anson family isn’t quick to respond about lower operating costs and increasing their bottom line. Instead, they talk about how excited they are to see clearer water coming off their land. Read more...

Restoring Indiana's Floodplains

Do Hoosiers still dream about the fair moonlight on the Wabash River? Do those dreams also include thousands of acres of new floodplain forest? Probably not, but they should. A new study is showing that restored floodplain forests are a remarkable investment for improving water quality.

2014 Farm Bill streamlines and consolidates former Farm Bill Programs

The 2014 Farm Bill continues to provide technical and financial assistance to farmer and forest landowners.  Learn more about the 2014 Farm Bill and how it affects Indiana here.   

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Water Fowl on the Wabash

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