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Publications Relating to Nutrient Management

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Publication Type

Plant Guides

White Lupine (Lupinus albus L.): Plant Guide (PDF; 298 KB) Shawnna Clark 2014. Big Flats, New York. September 2014. 6p. (ID# 12325).

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Miscellaneous Popular Articles

Utilizing Warm-Season Grasses to Mitigate Poultry Tunnel Fan Emissions on the Delmarva Peninsula (PDF; 634 KB) Belt, S.V. 2010. Norman A. Berg National Plant Materials Center. Beltsville, MD. September 2010. 7p. (ID# 9980).

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Technical Notes

LAPMC Tech Note 20 'Tropic Sun' sunn hemp for cover crop use during the sugarcane fallow period (PDF; 117 KB) Houck, M. 2011. GMPMC. Alexandria, LA. Tech Note 20. 3p. (ID# 10579).

LAPMC Tech Note 21 Lablab for Conservation Use in Louisiana (PDF; 54 KB) Houck, M. 2013. LAPMS. August 2013. August 2013. 2p. (ID# 11899).

Technical Note 24: Evaluation of Cover Crops and Planting Dates for Irrigated Rotations in Central Washington (PDF; 1.1 MB) Pavek, P. and A. McGuire 2014. WAPMC. Spokane, WA. August 2014. 16p. (ID# 12351).

Technical Note 41: Cover Crop Resources and Seed Vendors for Oregon and Washington (PDF; 464 KB) Young-Mathews, A., and P. Pavek 2014. USDA NRCS Corvallis Plant Materials Center and Pullman Plant Materials Center. Portland, OR and Spokane, WA. 2014. 10p. (ID# 12333).

Radish: An Introduced Cover Crop for Use in Montana and Wyoming (PDF; 237 KB) Hybner, R. 2015. Bridger PMC. Bridger, MT. 6p. (ID# 12456).

Peas: An Introduced Legume for Conservation Use in Montana and Wyoming (PDF; 551 KB) Hybner, R. 2014. BPMC. Bridger, MT. MT-TN 96. 6p. (ID# 12101).

TN-Agronomy-11-2-AZ, Nutrient Management (PDF; 79 KB) Munda, B. and A. Meen 2011. Arizona eFOTG. Tucson Arizona. September 2011. 6p. (ID# 10492).

Nitrogen Use 'Jackson' eastern gamagrass (PDF; 83 KB) Brakie, M. 2006. East Texas Plant Materials Center. Nacogdoches, Texas. May 2006. 4p. (ID# 6672).

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