Publications Relating to Mine Reclamation/High Metals

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Publication Type

Technical Notes

Glossary of Terminology Commonly Used In Mining and Reclamation Technology (PDF; 150 KB) Munda, B. and M. Pater 2001. USDA-NRCS Tucson Plant Materials Center. Tucson, AZ. TN-PM-1-1, Aug. 2001. 12p. (ID# 98).

Technical Note 55: Germination responses and boron accumulation in germplasm from Chile and USA Grown with Boron Enriched Water (PDF; 306 KB) Banuelos, G.S., H.A. Ajwa, L. Caceres, and D. Dyer 1999. USDA-NRCS Lockeford Plant Materials Center. Lockeford, CA. CA-TN55, Mar. 1999. 23p. (ID# 103).

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Major Publications

Development of seed sources and establishment methods for native upland reclamation - final report (PDF; 420 KB) S. Pfaff, C. Maura, Jr., M.A. Gonter 2002. Brooksville Plant Materials Center. Brooksville, FL. October 2001. 70p. (ID# 7231).

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Release Brochure

Mill Creek Germplasm silver buffaloberry Release Brochure (PDF; 457 KB) Graham, E.C. and J.D. Scianna 2013. Bridger PMC. Bridger, MT. 2p. (ID# 11787).

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Miscellaneous Technical Article

Pollinators and Plant Materials (PDF; 2 MB) R. Alan Shadow 2008. ETPMC. Nacogdoches, Texas. 11p. (ID# 8051).

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Published Symposium Proceedings

Revegetation Trials in the Pinedale Anticline Project Area (PDF; 1.4 MB) Winslow, S.R., K.J. Clause, J.S. Jacobs, & R.M. Hybner 2009. Bridger PMC. Lexington, KY. June 2009. 35p. (ID# 8743).

Root Growth of Apache Plume and Serviceberry on Molybdenum Mine Overburden in Northern New Mexico (PDF; 238 KB) Mary Williams, Mohammed Tahboub, John Harrington, David Dreesen, April Ulery 2004. Seed and Soil Dynamics in Shrubland Ecosystems: Proceedings, Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service. Fort Collins, CO. RMRS-P-31, February 2004. 6p. (ID# 5938).

Percussion as an Alternative Scarification for New Mexico Locust and Black Locust Seed (PDF; 164 KB) Khadduri, N., J. . Harrington, L.S. Rosnez, and D. R. Dreesen 2002. National Nursery Proceedings - 1991, 2000, and 2001 USDA Forest Service. Ogden, Utah. Rocky Mountain Research Station Proceedings RMRS-P-24. 7p. (ID# 3904).

Development of Acid/Heavy Metal-Tolerant Cultivars (DATC) Project (PDF; 196 KB) Marty, L. 2000. Clark Fork Symposium, Missoula, MT. Bridger, MT. Apr. 2000. 9p. (ID# 1871).

The use of local ecotypes for the revegetation of acid/heavy metal contaminated lands in western Montana (PDF; 75 KB) Marty, L. 2000. Proc. 2000 Billings Land Reclamation Symposium. Pages 216-228. 13p. (ID# 1872).

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