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Publications Relating to Buffer

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Publication Type

Information Brochures and Flyers

Plants for Riparian Buffers (PDF; 713 KB) Tilley, D., L. St. John, and D. Ogle 2011. IDPMC. Aberdeen, Idaho. 12/2/11. 8p. (ID# 10757).

Plants for Conservation Buffers in the Kansas PMC Service Area (PDF; 252 KB) Conway, T. 2000. USDA-NRCS. Manhattan, KS. Aug. 2000. 2p. (ID# 428).

Plants for Conservation Buffers in the Montana PMC Service Area (PDF; 255 KB) Bridger Plant Materials Center Staff 2000. USDA-NRCS. Bridger, MT. Aug. 2000. 2p. (ID# 243).

Plants for Conservation Buffers in the North Dakota PMC Service Area (PDF; 226 KB) Bismarck Plant Materials Center 2000. USDA-NRCS. Bismarck, ND. Aug. 2000. 2p. (ID# 157).

Hybrid poplar as an alternative crop (PDF; 9 KB) St. John, L. 1999. USDA-NRCS. Aberdeen, ID. 1p. (ID# 2829).

Vegetative Barriers for Erosion Control (PDF; 104 KB) USDA-NRCS Kika de la Garza Plant Materials Center 1999. USDA-NRCS Kika de la Garza Plant Materials Center. Kingsville, TX. 20p. (ID# 1452).

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Plant Fact Sheets

Golden Alexanders (Zizia aurea) Plant Fact Sheet (PDF; 85 KB) Belt, S.V. 2008. USDA-NRCS National Plant Materials Center. Beltsville, MD. February 2008. 2p. (ID# 7726).

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Miscellaneous Popular Articles

Utilizing Warm-Season Grasses to Mitigate Poultry Tunnel Fan Emissions on the Delmarva Peninsula (PDF; 634 KB) Belt, S.V. 2010. Norman A. Berg National Plant Materials Center. Beltsville, MD. September 2010. 7p. (ID# 9980).

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Release Brochures

Kingston Germplasm Prairie Cordgrass Release Brochure (PDF; 233 KB) Clark, S. 2013. Big Flats, New York. September 2013. 3p. (ID# 11934).

Release brochure for Aberdeen Selection of Laurel Willow (PDF; 155 KB) Tilley, D. 2012. Idaho Plant Materials Program. Aberdeen, Idaho. 12/7/12. 2p. (ID# 11473).

Chisholm germplasm Chickasaw plum Release Brochure (PDF; 294 KB) Row, J.M. 2011. Manhattan Plant Materials Center. Manhattan, Kansas. March 2011. 2p. (ID# 10374).

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Final Study Report

Screening Switchgrass Germplasm from Southeastern Texas for Forage and Biofuel Potential (PDF; 718 KB) Shadow, A. 2014. ETPMC. Nacogdoches. 9/17/2014. 11p. (ID# 12284).

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Technical Notes

LAPMC Tech Note 7 Plant Materials for Filter Strips (PDF; 50 KB) Houck, M. 2007. Louisiana PM Program. Alexandria, LA. April 2007. 2p. (ID# 7517).

Function and Operation of a Machine to Lay Weed Barrier Fabric (PDF; 912 KB) Simonson, D.B., B. Cornforth, D. Ogle, and L. St. John 2006. USDA-NRCS. Boise, Idaho. Technical Note No. 25; June 2006. 8p. (ID# 6571).

Technical Note 37: Hybrid Poplar - An Alternative Crop for the Intermountain West (PDF; 33 KB) St. John, L. 2001. USDA-NRCS. Boise, ID. ID-TN37, Jan. 2001. 11p. (ID# 2868).

Tree and Shrub Planting, Care and Management (PDF; 737 KB) Ogle, D.G., L. St. John, and C. Stange 2011. USDA NRCS. Boise, Idaho. October 2011. 35p. (ID# 10797).

Willow Clump Plantings (PDF; 1.3 MB) Hoag, J.C. and D. Ogle 2010. USDA NRCS. Boise, Idaho. TN42; October 2010 revision. 10p. (ID# 10093).

Riparian Buffer Design and Species Considerations (PDF; 616 KB) Beddoes, J., D. Ogle, R. Sampson and C. Hoag 2007. USDA NRCS. Boise, Idaho. June 2007. 20p. (ID# 7248).

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