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The Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center has published the following documents to solve specific resource conservation needs. Click on the document title to view each document. If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact the PM Program Webmaster at 520-292-2999 Ext. 112.

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Technical Notes

Technical Note No. 102. ESTIMATED PRODUCTION COST BUDGETS FOR BIOMASS : Switchgrass, ‘Highlander’ eastern gamagrass, Indiangrass and Big Bluestem (PDF; 200 KB) Jon Allison, Paul B. Rodrigue 2007. MSPMC data, MS economic data. Coffeeville, MS. TN 102. 16p. (ID# 7268).

Establishing Native Habitats for Mississippi's Native Pollinators (PDF; 2.2 MB) Sherry Surrettre, Paul Rodrigue, and Jon Allison 2009. (ID# 9081).

Native Vegetation Appropriate for Conservation Cover at Archeological & Historic Sites (PDF; 225 KB) Cliff Jenkins, Sherry Surrette 2009. (ID# 9079).

Nutrient Needs of Wildlife Related Plants in the Southeastern United States Of Wildlife Related Plants in the Southeastern United States (PDF; 269 KB) PMC staff, MS State Univ. Extension 2009. (ID# 9080).

COVER CROPS FOR NO-TILL COTTON (PDF; 119 KB) Douglas, J.L., W.J. Jackson, and J Parkman 2004. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville, MS. December 2003. 2p. (ID# 5475).

Cover Crops for Conservation Tilled Cotton (PDF; 119 KB) Douglas, J.L., W.J. Jackson, and J Parkman 2004. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville, MS. December 2003. 2p. (ID# 5746).

Perennial Lespedeza Evaluations (PDF; 820 KB) Snider, J., J. Grabowski, and J. Douglas 2003. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville, MS. Vol. 16, No. 9. 14p. (ID# 5079).

Response of Two Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) Ecotypes to Seed Storage Environment, Storage Duration, and Prechilling (Technical Note) (PDF; 351 KB) Grabowski, J., J. Douglas, D. Lang, P. Meints, and C. Watson, Jr. 2003. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville, MS. Vol. 16, No. 3. 10p. (ID# 5080).

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Major Publications

Supplemental Wildlife Food Planting Manual for the Southeast (PDF; 7 MB) Hamrick, Bill, B. Strickland, J. Allison, K. D. Nelms, J. Gruchy, R. Hamrick, A. Tullos, 2010. (ID# 9359).

Plant Guide for Establishing Coastal Vegetation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (PDF; 333 KB) Sherry Surrette 2007. Jackson, MS. 4/202007. 39p. (ID# 7271).

Evaluation of warm season grass species and management practices to improve biomass production potential in the mid-South (PDF; 606 KB) Grabowski, J.M., S.D. Edwards, and J.L. Douglas 2004. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville, MS. March 2004. 16p. (ID# 5476).

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Plant Fact Sheets

Arrowleaf Clover Fact Sheet (PDF; 111 KB) MSPMC staff 2011. (ID# 10608).

Creeping Burhead Fact Sheet (PDF; 151 KB) MSPMC staff 2011. (ID# 10611).

Powdery Thalia Fact Sheet (PDF; 93 KB) MSPMC staff 2011. (ID# 10609).

Reseeding Methods of Arrowleaf Clover (PDF; 268 KB) Edwards, S. 2003. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville, MS. Number 4, December 5, 2001. 2p. (ID# 5042).

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Plant Guides

'Highlander' Eastern Gamagrass Plant Guide (PDF; 353 KB) Janet Grabowski, Joel Douglas 2005. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville , MS. April 2005. 5p. (ID# 6132).

Handling Tips for Improving Tree and Shrub Plantings (PDF; 184 KB) Douglas, J.L., J. Grabowski, A. Holditch, and L. Ellison 2003. Jamie L. Whitten PMC. Coffeeville, MS. Plant Note No. 4 December 2002. 3p. (ID# 5038).

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Release Brochure

Release Brochure for 'Halifax' maidencane (PDF; 659 KB) MSPMC staff 2012. (ID# 11266).

Release Brochure for 'Highlander' eastern gamagrass (PDF; 246 KB) MSPMC staff 2012. (ID# 11267).

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Information Brochures and Flyers

Native Plants for Mississippi Coastline Restoration (PDF; 713 KB) Sherry Surrette, Cassandra Meyer 2007. Plant guides, plants database, plant vendors guide. Coffeeville, MS. 6p. (ID# 7156).

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Plant Materials Annual Report of Activities

Progress Report of Activities (PDF; 769 KB) PMC staff 2012. (ID# 11265).

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PMC Annual Technical Report

Annual Technical Report (PDF; 245 KB) MSPMC staff 2012. (ID# 11272).

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Fall 2012 newsletter (PDF; 380 KB) MSPMC staff 2012. (ID# 11268).

Spring newsletter Spring 2012 (PDF; 369 KB) MSPMC staff 2012. (ID# 11269).

Summer 2012 newsletter (PDF; 228 KB) MSPMC staff 2012. (ID# 11270).

Winter 2012 newsletter (PDF; 855 KB) MSPMC staff 2012. (ID# 11271).

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Published Symposium Proceedings

A New Eastern Gamagrass Cultivar for the Southern United States (PDF; 50 KB) Grabowski, J., S. Edwards, and J. Douglas 2003. Third Eastern Native Grass Symposium reprinted as MSPMC Tech Note Vol16 No. 4. pending. 7p. (ID# 5035).

Three Mississippi Ecotypes of Wetland Plants (Proceedings Paper) (PDF; 21 KB) Grabowski, J. 2000. University of Mississippi, Biological Field Station, Sustainability of wetlands and water resources, May 21-25, 2000. Oxford, MS. 2000. 6p. (ID# 4804).

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Other Publication Types

Managing ‘Highlander’ Eastern Gamagrass for Sustainable Forage Production in the Upper Southeastern United States (PDF; 83 KB) Douglas, S.D., Edwards, W.J. Jackson, and D.J. Lang 2004. Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and Jamie L. Whitten PMC. 1p. (ID# 5676).

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