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Jason Weller, 75 years of conservation

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Transcription from interview

It is so important and the most important thing in looking back over that 75 year history is that close collaborative partnership and at this point in our country’s history where there is a very significant discussion going on about the role of government, here is an example of government that is actually helping to empower people, empower landowners, private citizens, business owners to take control of their businesses and their fates and helping them be more economically successful, but also then providing broader ray of benefits for their neighbors and communities that they live in, such as cleaner water and a more abundant wildlife, so looking back say in five years, what is so valuable about this investment from the Federal Government and State Government and local level, and from the private community into conservation is that it’s a ground up grass roots effort and that has really flourished across all 50 states and including territories of this country and that is what has proved to be so resilient to fluctuations in our budgets and changing demands in the market.