St. Paul, MN (SSR 10)

Welcome to the NRCS West Central Glaciated Soil Survey Region 10 web site.

Thumbnail of MLRAs of Region 10 map (PDF; 136 KB)

Major Land Resource Areas (MLRAs)

MLRAs are geographically associated Common Resource Areas (CRAs) that share a common land use, hydrology, resource use, topgraphy, landscape conditions, soils, climate, and other natural resource information. In the United States, 799 CRAs, ranging in size from 7 to 47,278 square miles, are aggregated into 226 MLRAs, ranging in size from 805 to 106,485 square miles. Forty six of those CRAs and 23 of those MLRAs (PDF; 136 KB) are assigned to the MLRA Soil Survey Region 10 Office.

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