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Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center (AKPMC)
Serving the State of Alaska

Established: 1973
Size: 405 acres
PMC Operation: State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Agriculture
Land Ownership: State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources

'Benson' Beach Wildrye is produced at the AKPMC as an excellent choice for revegetation and landscaping.The Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center (AKPMC) provides testing, production, development, and distribution of materials to meet environmental requirements and promote commercial development of native species.

The Center's mission is to develop and transfer state-of-the-art plant science technology to support the Alaskan agriculture industry.

The Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center advances applied plant research through five major Programs: State Seed Laboratory; Native Plant Commercialization Project; the Foundation /Breeder Seed Program; the Seed Conditioning Technology Laboratory; and the Potato Seed Program and Land Use Laboratory. The Land Use Laboratory includes projects addressing invasive weed/agricultural pests and storm water pollution.

In 1972, the state of Alaska enacted the Plant Materials Center Bill. The Center’s mandated duties include revegetation studies, foundation seed production, horticulture development projects, and disease-free potato seed stock production program. In 1994, the Center assumed responsibility for the maintenance and production of breeder class seed of all University of Alaska developed grass varieties, making the Center the repository for all Alaska-developed germplasm. The Native Seed Production Program and the Foundation/Breeder Seed Program are charges to encourage a healthy seed industry and develop new plant materials and methods for land reclamation and erosion control.

The Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center continues to lead Alaska in reclamation, erosion control, research and technology transfer, and revegetation. The use of dormant seeding to extend planting seasons, cost-effective and successful methods in willow planting, and wetland and coastal restorations are research priorities for the Center.

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Northern Latitude Plant Materials Center
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