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NRCS Employees

Oregon NRCS Intranet - Information for Employees & Partners -- The pages within this section are for Oregon NRCS Employees Only.

Emergency Dismissals and Office Closure Procedures -- 01/11/16 (PDF, 106 KB)


Civil Rights

Financial Management

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Human Resources


OR NRCS Calendars & Schedules

Oregon SharePoint Site


Commonly Used Forms

The following documents require  Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel.

NRCS Employee/Partner Separation Checklist (NRCS-ADS-900) (PDF, 36 KB) 
Time and Attendance Input Record (SCS-FNM-320) (PDF, 491 KB)
Policies Concerning the Use of Government Vehicles (PDF, 76 KB)
Use of NRCS Computer Equipment (PDF, 16 KB)
OPM Form 71 Request for Leave or Approved Absence (PDF, 184 KB)
SF-91 - Motor Vehicle Accident Report (PDF, 433 KB)
AD 616R - Travel Voucher (PDF, 314 KB)
AD 1043 - Leave Transfer Program Donor Application (PDF, 58 KB)
AD 1046 - Leave Transfer Program Recipient Application (PDF, 54 KB)
SF 1164 - Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business (PDF, 339 KB)

The following document pertain only for the Greater Portland/Vancouver area employees:

1201 NE Lloyd Blvd Building Incident Report (PDF, 33 KB)
Department of Agriculture Public Transportation Benefit Program Application (PDF, 44 KB)