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Conservation Innovation Grants

Conservation Innovation Grants

The deadline for FY 2016 NM State Component CIG proposals is June 17, 2016
(Information for national component CIG is available here.)

The State Component CIG announcement of program funding is available on “” at the following address, or by searching there for “New Mexico CIG”:

From the “View Grant Opportunity” page, click on the
“Package” tab, then click on the
“Select Package” link, from there review both the
“Download Instructions” (which includes the detailed announcement) and
“Download Package” which summarizes forms and response materials.

The documents below require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Both “Instructions (PDF; 125 KB)” and “Package (PDF; 125 KB)” requirements must be fully addressed or your application may be considered ineligible.

New Mexico NRCS requests applications for Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) to stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies. Applications are accepted for projects located in New Mexico only. Applications are accepted from eligible individuals, non-federal government and non-government organizations for competitive consideration of grant awards for projects between one and three years in duration.

Note: Please be aware that applications for projects with potentially adverse impacts may need to be modified in order to achieve acceptable and beneficial levels of environmental impact. If projects cannot be modified, then there is a potential during the screening process that the application may not be selected.  

Recent CIG Projects 



  • Remote Well Solutions / Propane generator/automated monitoring technology demonstration
  • Elephant Butte Irrigation District / Low head hydro-electric power generation on irrigation canals demonstration
  • McKinley and Lea SWCD's / No-till drill demonstrations
  • Jornada RC&D / Stream Barb demonstration on Palomas Creek, a dry arroyo
  • Rio Grande Community Farms / Drip irrigation and organic farming demonstration
  • NMSU Clovis Experiment Station / No-till/minimum tillage demonstration
  • Jarrett Dairies / Combined anaerobic digestion and wetland treatment of dairy waste
  • Canada Alamosa / Constructed Log Jams

The grant application package materials identify the objectives for CIG projects, the eligibility criteria for projects and associated instructions needed to apply to CIG.

Full application materials are on, and can be located by typing "USDA-NRCS-NM-14-01" in the Funding Opportunity Number search field. In order to download materials, please see the "Application Tab." This is a multi-step, multi-click process, and includes the opportunity to enter your e-mail address so as to receive notification of any updates to the announcement made during the application period.


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