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Earth Team Volunteers


Be Part of the Solution - Become an Earth Team Volunteer


Earth Team LogoThe Earth Team is a volunteer program of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. With the Earth Team, you can help improve the natural resources in your community while learning about the environment and conservation.  You will learn new skills while working side-by-side with professionals from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Earth Team volunteers are... People like you - professionals and nonprofessionals, retirees, students. Folks willing to lend a hand to conserve our natural resources. Working together we can make a difference. The mission of the Earth Team is to provide an effective volunteer workforce within NRCS to help people conserve, improve and sustain our resources and environment.


Volunteers can help expand efforts in soil and water conservation. Anyone 14 years or older and interested in saving our precious soil and water can join the Earth Team. Volunteers may work part-time, full-time, outdoors or in an NRCS office.   *Contact Shari Cohen for current volunteer opportunities.


Earth Team Volunteers help restore New England Cottontail Habitat


Volunteer Opportunities:

Let’s Glean!

What Is Gleaning?

Gleaning is simply the act of collecting excess fresh foods from farms, gardens, farmers markets, grocers, restaurants, state/county fairs, or any other sources in order to provide it to those in need.

Benefits of gleaning include:

·         Reduces unnecessary wasting of quality food items
·         Facilitates access to fresh and nutritious foods to individuals and families who cannot find or purchase them regularly
·         Fosters relationships between community members, farmers, gardeners, and local agencies

Would you like to be part of a gleaning effort in your area?  New Hampshire needs you! Contact Shari Cohen.


                            Get involved in your community!                Area Administrators, log your hours here.


Examples of Earth Team Volunteers at work:

Types of Work

  • Four high school students worked with NRCS and Conservation District employees and others to install 1' x 20' fiber rolls along the shoreline of the Connecticut River in North Haverhill as part of an erosion control project. 

  • An environmental consultant assisted with the 5th Annual Soil Judging Contest for high school students which gives students an awareness of soil properties and how they affect different land uses. 

  • Students and adults have been taking part in a water table study at four sites in Coos County. 

  • A UNH student developed a database to collect information from towns that have used the New Hampshire Method for the Comparative Evaluation of Nontidal Wetlands.

  • Students from a special needs class in Laconia assist the Belknap County Conservation District with general clerical duties.

  • A payroll clerk is assisting the NRCS cartographer digitizing information for maps and in the process is learning about the geographic information program. 

  • On the land - With a soil conservationist volunteers help landusers plan conservation projects or take field surveys. Best of all, they see how their conservation work cares for our natural resources. 

  • In schools - Earth Team volunteers teach students about conservation. Through outdoor classrooms, they teach urban students how to stop erosion in schoolyards. 

  • With organizations - Earth Team volunteers help youth groups, churches, garden and service clubs, and other organizations learn about ecosystem management. They teach them that plants, animals, soil, water, and humans are interdependent, or show them how to turn abandoned eroded land into a nature center or playground. 

  • In offices - Volunteers can keep offices organized, put together newsletters, and keep people up-to-date about local conservation issues.



Earth Team volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. There is no maximum age limit. Volunteers work outdoors or indoors; part-time or full time.


Earth Team Volunteers get recognized for their work hours and have legal and insurance protection for any work-related injuries. There's no pay, but they get the satisfaction and enjoyment of enhancing our Nation's ecosystems. 

Get Started

Contact your local NRCS office, contact Shari Cohen or call 1-603-868-9931 x125. Bring a friend!  Visit the national Earth Team Website