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Photo of stream and riparian buffer Describing a soil Access Road After NRCS Help

Barn with High Tunnel in Background of Corn field

House under water up to second floor due to flooding

soils training

Photo of owl in tree


Feeding baby sheep Maple taps on trees in snow High Tunnel in winter with cover crop


Bee Pollinating Flower

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Soil Stories: The Whole Story from SC-NRCS & ESRI-SC Partnership on Vimeo.

In “Soil Stories”, our protagonist, Francine, embarks on a journey of discovery that begins with her realization that soil is alive and that without soil, life as we know would not exist. In her journey of discovery she meets with soil scientists who help her “see” beneath the surface of the soil and help her understand how diverse yet ordered soil bodies are in the landscape and how much work has been done in soil survey. In the second half of the story, Francine meets with characters that help her take an up close and personal look at some physical and biological attributes of soils without which they would not function. In the final part of the video, a character from history shares an epiphany about soils with Francine and translates this to modern terms.


Things are buzzing. Take a tour to learn how important bees, butterflies and other pollinators are to agriculture and the environment. See hedgerows planted with assistance from NRCS that attract pollinators and benefit crops. And connect to information on how to attract pollinators to your operation.