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NRCS Plant Materials Program

  • NRCS National Plant Materials Program - The Plant Materials Program selects conservation plants and develops innovative planting technology to solve the nation's most important resource concerns. The Program includes a network of 27 Plant Materials Centers (PMCs) and associated Plant Materials Specialists serving all 50 states and territories. To date, the program has released over 600 conservation plants. 

  • Bismarck Plant Materials Center (PMC) - The Center offers technical assistance for native landscaping, windbreaks, revegetating saline-alkaline soils, improving productivity of range and pasture lands, enhancing wildlife habitat and wetlands, and enhancing native prairie ecosystems. The service area of the Bismarck PMC includes Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Special Features

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        Tanya J. Koch
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Program Publications and Technical Resources

  • Publications Available from the NRCS Bismarck PMC (PDF; 43 KB) - The Bismarck Plant Materials Center (PMC) has published technical documents to solve specific resource conservation needs. This Publications list includes popular plant release brochures, plant guides, plant fact sheets and publications related to prairie landscaping, prairie restoration, rain gardens, native grasses and forbs, trees and shrubs, wildlife habitat, seed and plant vendor lists, growers of PMC releases, and foundation seed prices. The PMC also has conservation posters available for loan. Additional publications such as newsletters, progress reports, technical reports can downloaded from Publications - Bismarck Plant Materials Center.

  • Conservation Plant Releases by the Bismarck PMC - The Center has released over forty plants to commercial growers to solve specific resource conservation needs. This Web page lists all plant releases from the Bismarck PMC and includes links to related Release Brochures and plant profiles on the Plants Database.

  • Plant Materials Program Technical Resources by Topic - Besides plant releases, the NRCS Plant Materials Program develops new applied technologies through on-the-ground demonstration plantings and partnerships with public and private land users and agencies.  The Program is developing technology for inter-seeding existing Conservation Reserve Program acres, native plant reseeding in National Parks for wildfire restoration, and the use of perennial grasses for biofuel.  

  • Plants Database - The Plants Database provides names, checklists, automated tools, identification information, species abstracts, distributional data, crop information, plant symbols, plant growth data, plant materials information, plant links, references, and other plant information. 


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