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National Employee Development Center

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Our new course will provide information on different types of environmental credit trading, ways to participate in environmental markets and the benefits of participation. 

Environmental Credit Trading provides an opportunity for producers and land owners to take advantage of market forces in sustaining their livelihood and protecting critical ecosystem services such as clean air and water.  Environmental Credit Trading is viewed as a cost-effective complement to many of our traditional technical solutions and conservation practices.

Log on to AgLearn today! Type in "credit trading" on the Search Catalog box and click on Browse to find and access the course.

This course is also available to the public outside of AgLearn by selecting the following link Introduction to Environmental Credit Trading 

Climate ChangeDo You Care About Climate Change?

Do you want to have a better understanding of its critical role in conservation planning, natural resource management and agricultural production?  If you do, take our brief 30-minute course on "Why Do We Care About Climate Change?"  This is a new course in the climate change curriculum track.

NRCS currently offers online course in a curriculum with three tracks: Air Quality, Energy, and Climate Change.  The course on "Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy" provides the introduction to the three tracks and serves as a prerequisite to the course on "Why Do We Care About Climate Change?"

This course is also available to the public outside of AgLearn by selecting the following link Why Do We Care About Climate Change?

Seedling in HandNational Employee Development Center (NEDC)

The National Employee Development Center (NEDC) is the central point for training within the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  Its perseverance is to provide its customers with superior service throughout the nation.  NEDC has envisioned a unified approach in providing timely, sequential, competency-based training that will be fundamental to its business of resource conservation.


AgLearn SkillsoftUSDA AgLearn

AgLearn is USDA's Learning Management System for the delivery of training programs at USDA, including conservation training courses available 24/7 to National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) employees...  

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NRCS Bootcamp

NRCS National Conservation Boot Camp Training

Conservation Boot Camp is a three week training program providing new technical employees with the conservation planning, application, and operations management skills needed for today's work force. This program covers approximately 20 broad subject areas. A combination of classroom and field exercises are conducted...

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NRCS Emerging Leaders Development Program

Emerging Leaders Development Program

The ELDP is a major component in an agency-wide strategic approach to developing leadership talent for the future of NRCS. Agency leadership will have active roles in the program. The goal of the ELDP is to develop high potential supervisors who aspire to leadership roles beyond their current geographical areas and beyond the supervisory level...

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