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Teachers and Students

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

Pre-K or Kindergarten
Leaves Need Water (PDF, 61 KB)
    Erosion (PDF, 312 KB)
    Dragonfly Habitat (PDF, 340 KB)
    Water Cycle (PDF, 192 KB)
    Good Water/Bad Water (PDF, 94 KB)
    Water Pollution (PDF, 94 KB)
    What Do Ocean Creatures Drink (PDF, 94 KB)

1st Grade
    Being a Responsible Citizen (PDF, 73 KB)
    Pollution is Bad (PDF, 73 KB)
Worms in the Rain (PDF, 120 KB)
    Bodies of Water and Landforms (PDF, 122 KB)
    Who Needs Water (PDF, 95 KB)
    Native American Cave Paintings (PDF, 92 KB)

2nd Grade
 (PDF, 73 KB)
    Solid, Liquid, Gas? (PDF, 126 KB)
    Exercise and Water (PDF, 94 KB)
    Rainforest Terrarium (PDF, 118 KB)
    Making the Mayflower Float (PDF, 358 KB)
    Special Needs: Jasper's Beanstalk: Plants Need Water (PDF, 65 KB)

3rd Grade
    Altering Water (PDF, 92 KB)
    The Water Cycles (PDF, 93 KB)

Absorb-Repel-Evaporation (PDF, 304 KB)
    Sink or Float (PDF, 190 KB)
    Steamy Molecules (PDF, 187 KB)
    How Plants Grow (PDF, 91 KB)‚Äč