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State Office

    USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    967 Illinois Avenue, Suite #3
    Bangor, ME  04401

    Main Telephone Number:  207-990-9100 x3
    Individual Telephone Numbers:  207-990-9 + 3 digit extension
    Fax Number:  855-589-1058

State Conservationist's Office
 Name Position Title Ext. Email
Juan Hernandez State Conservationist 585
Vacant Assistant to the State Conservationist 551
Dan Schmidt Acting Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations 570
Christopher R. Jones Assistant State Conservationist for Special Projects 563
Thomas Kielbasa Public Affairs Specialist 569


Administrative Staff
 Name Position Title Ext. Email
Brian L. Vigue Assistant State Conservationist for Management and Strategy 567
Kyle M. Bolduc Financial Resource Specialist 556
Caren Roy Financial Technician 509
Beth Chapman Business Services Specialist 584
Rebecca Duhaime Management Analyst 507
Debra M. Gray Office Automation Assistant 552
Roger B. Ashe Purchasing Agent 550


Program Services Staff
 Name Position Title Ext. Email
Susan Arrants Assistant State Conservationist for   Programs 564
Vacant Resource Conservationist    
Vasco "Buster" Carter Resource Conservationist 155
Vacant Resource Conservationist    


Technical Support Staff
 Name Position Title Ext. Email
Tony Jenkins State Resource Conservationist 557
Alice Begin Resource Conservationist 568
Benjamin Naumann Fisheries Biologist 504
Gary D. Shaffer Archaelogist 566
Gerald Barnes State Forester 580
Jeffrey Norment Biologist 571
Tara King Geographer 562


Soils Staff
 Name Position Title Ext. Email
Kim McCracken State Soil Scientist - NH and ME (603-868-9931) 123
Lindsay Hodgman Assistant State Soil Scientist 561


Engineering Staff
 Name Position Title Ext. Email
Daniel J. Baumert State Conservation Engineer 555
Adam Cattrell Hydraulic Engineer 558
Ricky D. Hall Civil Engineering Technician 560
Brian Stuart Civil Engineering Technician 553
Nieves Perez Besu Agricultural Engineer 502