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NRCS Employees

The pages and documents within this section are for Massachusetts NRCS employees ONLY, unless otherwise noted.

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Employee Guide - information and resources for new and not-so-new Massachusetts NRCS employees. [PDF]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Civil rights (Massachusetts & Rhode Island Civil Rights Committee website)

Directives System (National)

Massachusetts General Manual


Federal Employee Health Plans

Human Resources Management Division

I-CAMS - Combined Administrative Management System

National Finance Center

Relocation Information


WebTCAS - automated time sheet

Employee Training - Information for Massachusetts employees

Employee Training - National Employee Development Center (NEDC)

Employment Opportunities

Excellence in Conservation Award

New England NRCS Employee Mentoring Initiative

Federal Executive Association of Western Massachusetts

Greater Boston Federal Executive Board

National Employee Organizations

eFOTG - electronic Field Office Technical Guide

IAS – Integrated Accountability System

National Handbook of Conservation Practices — NHCP

PRMS – Performance and Results Measurement System

IT Convergence

ITD - Information Technology Division

RAD - Resources Assessment Division

Section 508 - Accessibility Law

WLA – Workload Analysis