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Conservation Showcase

Drs Sam and Lynn CofieldConservation Stewardship Program Helps Rancher Improve Quality and Increase Quantity of Pastures

For cattle farmers, it boils down to daily gains. The quality of the forage is a key factor. One Kentucky farmer and veterinarian understands this fact.  Dr. Sam Cofield from Cadiz, Kentucky has been farming with his wife Lynn (also a veterinarian) for over 30 years.   Read the Cofield's story.


Tom WimpsettRotational Grazing Is Not a One Size Fits All Approach

Tom Wimpsett bought his farm 35 years ago when the land was used for tobacco, hogs, and cattle.  That farm now functions solely as a cattle farm.  The operation has grown and through proper attention, the land has improved making the business sustainable for many years to come.  Read full story.



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