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Ecological Science

NRCS uses many science-based disciplines in helping people help the land. This inter-disciplinary approach to natural resources conservation is revealed through these disciplines and related technical references and tools.

IA-CPA-15 Conservation Assistance Notes (DOC, 135 KB)
NRCS-CPA-52 NRCS Environmental Evaluation CPA-52 (XLSX)
Status Review Documentation Worksheet (XLS, 27 KB)

*We recommend using Mozilla Firefox to open the Seeding Calculator below. If using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, Right-click on the link, click "Save Target As...", Change the file extension to xlsm, and save the file to your computer.

Native Prairie Seeding Calculator - (XLS, 737 KB) Criteria Revision Update 3/23/11; Species Information Update 6/1/16 - The Native Grass Seeding Calculator is designed to assist in developing seeding mixtures that are adapted to specific sites based on moisture regimes and flowing periods. The calculator will also provide and estimate of seed costs and provide a seeding plan for the client. (XLS) (To save this file, right click on the link, save target as..., name and save file where desired, open the file where saved.)

Grover DePriest, State Resource Conservationist
Phone: 515-284-4370