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STC Agenda

January 24, 2013

Welcome James E. Tillman, Sr.
State Conservationist – NRCS

Programs Update /Farm Bill Extension Aquanda Jones
* EQIP 2013 Sign-up Assistant State Conservationist – Programs – NRCS
* Easement Programs FY13 Feedback

Micro Loans (Press Release) Calvin Hyer
Farm Loan Manager – Farm Service Agency

Forestry Sub-Committee Maryann Trent
- FY13 Focus State Resource Conservationist – NRCS

FY13 Allocation v/s FY State Technical Aquanda Jones
Committee Priorities Assistant State Conservationist – Programs – NRCS

Cooperative Agreements & Funding Opportunity Craig Scroggs
Committee Priorities Loan Specialist – Rural Development

Wildlife Biologist Opportunity Reggie Thackston
explanation on agreement Program Manage – Private Lands
Department of Natural Resources

LLPI priority area update Scott Griffin
Cost Share Coordinator - Georgia Forestry Commission

National Water Quality Initiative - potential Henry Burkwhat
Funding opportunity for remaining of FY13 Program Analyst – NRCS
List of upcoming Farm Bill and other Funding

Strike Force Chris Groskreutz
Acting Public Affairs Specialist - NRCS

Other Business/Action Items State Technical Committee
Members Reports Members

Next meeting: Thursday, April 25, 2013