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Publications - Brochures and Fact Sheets

Additional facts sheets and other types of publications are located elsewhere on the Web site. Use the keyword search feature (upper left corner of the page) or follow the links below to NRCS programs or subject pages for publications not listed here. If you encounter problems with the files provided on this page, please contact the Webmaster.

2014 Farm Bill Fact Sheets

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) (PDF; 1.3 MB)
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) (PDF; 1.6 MB)
5 Steps to Assistance - How to Get Assistance from NRCS for Farms, Ranches and Forests (PDF; 729 KB)
Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) (PDF; 391 KB)
Your Guide to the New Farm Bill Conservation Programs (PDF; 1.9 MB)

California NRCS Programs Publications and Information

California NRCS General, Conservation Help and Partner Publications

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

California NRCS Field Office Listings & Map (PDF; 1.1 MB)
California NRCS Overview (brochure) (PDF; 472 KB)
California NRCS Conservation Programs (brochure) (PDF; 713 KB)
Conservation on Your Land (booklet) (PDF; 1.5 MB)
Conservation OnePlan Process (English and Spanish) (PDF; 1 MB)
Introduction to Conservation Planning Workbook (Spanish and English) (PDF; 848 KB)
Irrigation: When and How Much (booklet) (PDF; 1.18 MB)
Living in the Foothills (booklet) (PDF; 2.41 MB)
Native Uses of Native Plants (booklet) (PDF; 4.23 MB)
Prevent Soil Erosion On Your Property: A Homeowner's Guide To Erosion Control (brochure) (PDF; 1.3 MB)
Trends in Conservation (booklet) (PDF; 3.93 MB)
Water Efficient Landscaping (brochure) (PDF; 2.25 MB)
Your Farm and Agricultural Water Quality Workbook (PDF; 4.1 MB)

California NRCS Farm Bill Fact Sheets

The following documents are available in text and PDF formats. The text version is easily viewed on a computer monitor. The PDF version provides the best quality when downloading and printing.

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

Farm Bill Program Fact Sheets

Assistance for California Specialty Crops - 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 374 KB)
Assistance to Forest and Woodland Owners - 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 411 KB)
Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) Brochure (PDF; 435 KB)
High Tunnels - 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 247 KB)
Integrating Wildlife Habitat - 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 458 KB)
Supporting Organic Agriculture - 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 435 KB)
Supporting Our Pollinators - 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 469 KB)
Supporting Our Veteran Farmers - 2014 Farm Bill (PDF; 271 KB)

Creating Wildlife Habitat For Everyone

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

Barn Owl Nest Box Plans and Instructions (PDF; 55 KB)
Bluebird House Plans and Instructions (PDF; 60 KB)
Creating Butterfly Gardens (PDF; 503 KB)
Kestrel House Plans and Instructions (PDF; 60 KB)

En Español - Los Publicaciones

Lista de suelos saludables y productivos para productores agricolas (Soil Secrets Checklist) (PDF; 3.4 MB)
Consejos Basicos y Beneficios (Soil Secrets Basic) (PDF; 1.6 MB)
Escarbe un poco. Aprenda mucho
(Soil Secrets Dig) (PDF; 3.2 MB)

Descubre la cobertura (Soil Secrets Discover) (PDF; 3 MB)
No moleste
el suelo (Soil Secrets Disturb) (PDF; 2 MB)
Descubra el potencial de su granja (Soil Secrets Poster) (PDF; 4.5 MB)

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